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Who is the Wizard Wordsmith?
Hi there! I'm Dr. Justin Harding, BA Hons Class One and PhD, former academic and policy analyst.
What can I do for you?
I can make your existing documents work for your maximum benefit: - corporate histories - government reports - articles and research papers by journalists, academics, students even novels and short stories (I love horror and sci-fi). Or, I can research and write whatever it is that you need - again for your maximum benefit - either way I am YOUR WIZARD WORDSMITH!

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I am by nature entrepreneurial and creative, with an instinctive flair for written English. These qualities are augmented by the equivalent of seven years full-time tertiary education in the combined disciplines of history and political science, five years lecturing and tutoring in those same disciplines, and 15 years as a senior policy analyst with the Australian Public Service.


“Justin undertook historical research into issues relevant to the review of Veterans’ Entitlements and wrote research papers, draft chapters of the report and discussion / options papers. The work had to be of a high quality as it would be presented to a Committee of three eminent persons, including the Chair, the Justice John Clark QC.”

Neil Bayles, Asst Secretary Rehabilitation, Case Escalation & MRCA Review, Dept of Veterans’ Affairs
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“Dr Justin Harding’s background and experience provided the ideal combination of historical knowledge about North Queensland and the manner in which it could be told.”

Dr David E Moore, B. Sc. (Hons) (Queensland), Ph. D. (Qld), M. A. (Oxon), Ph. D. (Swinburne)
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“Dr Harding has worked in an editorial role in a variety of projects and undertakings within the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA). His expertise has been a valuable contribution to the outcomes of specific activities.”

Mike Armitage, Director Rehabilitation Policy, Dept. of Veterans’ Affairs
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“Justin and I worked together in the Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP) policy section within the Community and Aged Branch in the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA). Policy work for RAP section is involved and complex, diverse and frequently time critical. Justin was, and I am certain remains, a high achiever in the workplace and he was able to produce quality written documents quickly and within prompting.”

John Holohan
Acting Director, Community Programmes, Performance Management Branch

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Editing & Proofreading


I have published articles in three different academic journals, written and edited chapters for government reports, and authored briefs and research papers for federal government ministers and senior public servants.

My consultancies include corporate histories for community and non-government organisations, as well as recommendations for the electoral redistribution of a local government authority, and advice on state government sovereignty below the low-water mark.


a. Politics, political biography and political and constitutional history.
b. Comparative electoral systems.
c. Public policy.
d. Fiction, especially sci-fi, horror and stream-of-consciousness.
e. Cooking, hats and dogs.


The Canberra Society Of Editors
Institute of Professional Editors
Society of Editors (TAS)
Australian Association Of Constitutional Law


Proofreading & editing

**Special Rate** for students – $25/hour

Others – $30/hour – $75/hour negotiable

Contact me to discuss your project needs.

Research & Writing

-negotiable based on the breadth and
complexity of the project.

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Contact me for more information about my work. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Dr Justin Harding

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